Advisory Board

Jason Moffat

  • Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics of Cancer
  • Principal investigator – Moffat Lab University of Toronto
  • Post-doctoral Fellowship – Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, MA; Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA
  • PhD. Molecular Genetics – University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • HBSc. Biochemistry (Co-op)Queens University, Kingston, ON

The Moffat Lab has broad interests in the regulation of cell growth and proliferation in cancer cell lines. We utilize genome-scale lentiviral-based RNA interference technology and computational techniques to develop essential gene profiles in cultured mammalian cell lines and identify pairwise genetic interactions in order to define genetic interaction networks that are critical for cancer cell proliferation. Along with our collaborators, we are among a small group of labs in the world that is attempting to identify essential genes in human cancer cell lines. We are working on genes that encode cell surface proteins that are critical for cell proliferation and whose proper expression is dependent on metabolic pathways and cellular state.


Justin Moores

Dr. Moores has spent the past six years connecting industry with academic research expertise as Director of Business Development & Account Manager with Mitacs Inc. Prior to joining Mitacs, Justin held various roles in business development and technology transfer helping move life sciences discoveries from the lab to the market place, building upon his doctoral and post-doctoral studies in genetics and disease biology. Justin began his career as the first NSERC industrial postgraduate scholar in life sciences through a partnership with Merck Frosst Canada Inc. for his PhD research on the molecular basis of Huntington’s disease. Following his doctoral studies Justin moved to Ottawa where he managed the core DNA sequencing facility before moving on to roles as a post-doctoral researcher and technology transfer officer at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Justin brings his expertise in the Canadian and International R&D funding landscape as well as his abilities in technology and market assessment to the NuvoBio advisory board.


Kyle Biggar

  • Assistant Professor, Carleton University
  • Principle investigator – Biggar Lab, Carleton University
  • Banting post-doctoral fellowship – Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, London, ON
  • PhD Biochemistry – Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
  • Biology and Chemistry (joint degree) – St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS

Dr. Biggar’s research is focused around the design and development of high affinity inhibitory peptides for use as cancer therapeutics. In particular, his laboratory leverages novel research strategies to develop peptide therapeutics using a combined approach of peptide microarray screening and supercomputing. As a result of his early career research in designing novel peptide therapeutics for the treatment of breast cancer, Kyle was awarded the prestigious John Charles Polanyi prize in Physiology and Medicine in 2016. He has been successfully funded through NSERC for the duration of his graduate and postgraduate research in cancer biochemistry. Before moving to Ottawa, he was awarded a Banting postdoctoral fellowship for his work on developing highly specific inhibitory peptides for the treatment of breast cancer at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University. Kyle brings his expertise on peptide research and their use to develop promising cancer therapeutics to the NuvoBio advisory board.