Epi-Drugs to Fight Cancer


Lysine methylation has emerged in the last decade as a protein modification with expanding implications in a number of cellular processes, and the dysfunction of enzymes that regulate methylation are known drivers of cancer (i.e., lysine methyltransferases (KMT) and demethylases (KDM)). Given the involvement of methylation in a growing number of different biological processes, perhaps it is not surprising that the study of methylation events has been increasingly important in understanding basic cellular biology. As a result, there is a great interest to understand the biology of these methyl-regulatory enzymes, however, only a handful of KMT and KDM inhibitors (termed ‘Epi-drugs’)have been discovered or developed.

NuvoBio is currently investing significant effort toward expanding the commercial market of KMT and KDM inhibitors.


Epi-Drug Research Program

KDM5C Patented, pre-clinical Internal development program

KDM5C was initially found to be important for brain development and function. We now know KDM5C abnormality is correlated with various cancers and is a key therapeutic target.

NuvoBio has completed initial toxicology and in vivo testing of a high affinity peptide inhibitor that maintains specificity.